If you find yourself in your home office and you realize the floor is too cold or your carpet just looks worn out, you should consider adding a rug to your office space. Styling your workspace with a rug will instantly bring together the entire room while rending it a cozy, warm vibe.

When it comes to designing an office, the floor is usually the last thing you pay attention to, and an area rug is just the right thing that would bring the different elements of the room together and offer a sense of warmth while dampening the sound. But before you click “buy now,” here are a few things you should consider while choosing a rug for your office.

Nain Rug, Persian Nain Tavassoli Rug, Nain 4 La, Kurk and Silk Rug, size 8.6x12.4
Nain Rug, Persian Nain Tavassoli Rug, Nain 4 La, Kurk and Silk Rug, size 8.6×12.4

Choose A Rug Size That Fits The Desk And The Chair

Picking a rug that doesn’t fit well in your space is perhaps a hard pill to swallow. So, while you’re browsing through different varieties of rugs, the first thing you should look out for is the shape and size of the rug vis-a-vis the dimensions of the room. Since your office desk and chairs should ideally be placed on the rug, it is vital to measure each piece and choose the rug accordingly.

Consider when you sit at your desk, and if your rug does not cover all the area under the desk, your feet will be on the bare floor and will not benefit from the thermal qualities of the rug.  Ensure that all the furniture’s legs are not resting on the edges of the rug. This blends everything together, rendering your office a coherent aesthetic appeal rather than emphasizing the disjointedness of the rug with the rest of the room.

Assessing The Texture

While choosing a rug for your home office, it is important to consider its texture. In many cases, a low pile rug with backing is a viable option and less messy as compared to thicker rugs. They also allow easy movement of furniture without leaving an awful dent behind. Owing to the thinness and less density of low pile rugs, they are also easy to vacuum and clean, sparing you of a lot of time and stress.

Carefully Choose the Material of the Rug

The material is also an important factor when it comes to choosing a rug for your office. Opt for materials that are strong enough to withstand the constant chair movements and foot traffic in the room. Avoid fabrics like silk, bamboo silk, or artificial materials as they are most likely to get crushed under the furniture. Rugs made of wool, nylon, viscose, polyester, and natural plant fibers such as jute and sisal have a longer wear time. Among the different rug constructions, hand-knotted rugs are perfect for high-foot traffic areas as they show minor signs of wear even after decades of constant use.

Take Your Personal Style into Consideration

Your home office is perhaps the space where you’re most likely to spend most of your every day, so it should reflect your personality. Like any other room of your home, make sure that the elements you pick for your office are functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to choose colors, materials, and patterns that bring out the best in your working self. For instance, if your style does not resonate with simple, muted rugs, you can opt for boldly patterned rugs that match your vision and taste.

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