A yard can’t be what it is without grass, the point to this, a tangible amongst another tangible product must complement each other, in other words, to make synergy possible more to know but in a unique way, to make a home as glamorous as a runway.

Imagine a home with zero decorative features, only possessing plain walls and hardwood, tile, or any other kind of flooring—the basics, leaving room for someone artistic to help the customer think critically about imagery, as to what outfit helps the home standout—something to look forward to when friends and family gather and recognize the décor inside and out.

Furniture shouldn’t be standalone without rugs because floors don’t like to be naked, getting scratched and marked, the wear and tear of it all, which is avoidable. Furniture and rugs of all sorts of colors and shapes and sizes transform homes, this being what I call flesh on a set of bones.

When buying furniture and rugs, customers should be aware of two things: the colors of their walls and floors, walking into the décor store, prepared and ready to provide samples to ensure contrast in your home, not just a full-on match, because it’s about first impressions, yours, and not just others, the key to figuring out the vibe of the home and its owner(s).

Furniture and rugs also resize rooms by putting couches in different sections with a rug either in the center or in a corner, making a world of a difference, shrinking, or widening the room sort of like an allusion, this being a conclusion to your décor wants, furniture and rugs of which the house feeds to fit your needs, rendering off a comfortable setting.

In fact, the relaxing feeling of a piece of furniture should feel as good as the rug, the silk and wool from both pieces gently gliding between your toes, the touch of them causing goosebumps, the feet feeling supported because of the cushion, making an amends with your body in totality, comfortable no matter what, even if you nap on the furniture or rug, it being as good as feeling the warmth of a natural hug.

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