Decorative 8X10 Area Rugs

Decorative 8X10 Area Rugs

Persian rugs are excellent for family spaces.

This hand-woven Persian Tabriz rug for the family room is constructed of high-quality wool and silk pile on a cotton substrate.

The rug is size 8.4×11.7.

A lovely 8x10 handcrafted wool and silk rug.

Unique designer modern style rug with red, gold, and brown colors on gray.

The rug is size 8×10.4.

Handcrafted Persian Heriz rug.

Old Persian Heriz with beige background, a lovely shade of red in the central medallion and throughout the rug, and navy blue in the border.

The rug is size 8.7×11.4.

Handmade Persian Sarouk rug with a navy blue field and crimson border.

This all-over traditional-style rug is from Sarouk, Iran.

The rug is size 7.9×11.

Oriental rugs are among the most popular rug sizes in the United States.

If you're looking for a new rug for your house, choose this 8x10 oriental size.

We're thrilled to provide you with a one-of-a-kind and stunning alternative in this size: a floral modern oriental rug in a deep brown hue.