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Tabriz Rugs | Fine Persian Rugs and Unique Antique Rugs by Beautiful Rugs

Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan province located in the northwest part of Iran, is a summer resort and one of Iran’s greatest economic hubs. This city has many historical sites, including the Qajar Museum, the village of Kandovan, the Kabood Mosque, the Nobar Bath, the Constitution House and the Grand Bazaar. Tabriz was named the world carpet weaving city and designated a World Heritage Site, and rugs have been woven there since the 15th-century. The city became an important Persian export center in the mid-19th century. Modern rugs are made in rug weaving factories in the city. The Taba Tabriz is a currently made thick rug of dark red and ivory that features Safavid medallion designs.

Beautiful Rugs has many antique Tabriz rugs available that include pictorial rugs with historic and modern scenes and images, some of which have been provided with wooden frames. The most impressive examples of pictorial rugs available include an elaborate and elegantly rendered, handmade Persian Tabriz rug of the famous poet Bazme Hafez that is made of wool and silk on a silk foundation. Another magnificent rug made of wool and silk on a cotton foundation shows a historic scene from the story of Yusuf and Zulaikhah capturing the moment when Zulaikhah first sees Yusuf. Yet another pictorial rug, an antique Persian Tabriz, offers a bright colorful version of the Last Supper based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting. These rugs may be hung on walls. Tabriz rugs are great addition to the interior design of any living room or dining room.

Other Tabriz rugs available include the traditional central medallion including a fish or herati or mahi pattern, a repeat field design that shows a flower within a diamond with serrated or sickle in shape leaves on each side of the diamond; the gonbad design based on a mosque dome. Rugs with a finely rendered tree of life and scenes from nature with birds and animals are also available.

Sale! 10x13 Old Traditional Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Fish Design Rug, size 10x13.2, main image

10×13 Old Traditional Rug, Persian Tabriz Fish Design Rug

$26,730.00 $13,365.00
Sale! 12 x 18 Rug, Persian Tabriz Design Rug, Big Rug, main image, size 12.10 x 18.4

12 x 18 Rug, Persian Tabriz Design Rug, Big Rug

$18,940.00 $9,470.00
Sale! Wall-Hanging Rug, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Handmade Persian Rug

2×4 Tabriz Persian Rug “Naser al-Din Shah” Persian Wall Hanging Rug

$29,050.00 $14,525.00
Sale! Bazme Hafez Rug, Handmade Hafez Portrait Rugs, Hafez Persian poet, main image, size 4.10x6.5

4×6 Tabriz Persian Rug “Hafez” Bazme Hafez Rug, Hafez Portrait Rugs

$18,725.00 $9,362.50
Sale! Last Supper Rug, Beautiful Rug, A Very Special & Memorable Christian Art, size 7.8x4.5

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “The Last Supper”

$12,900.00 $6,450.00
Sale! Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz rug, Bevy of Birds Rug, Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran Rugs, Festival of Birds, size 5x7, main image

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “Bevy of Birds” Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran, Festival of Birds

$29,400.00 $14,700.00
Sale! 5x7 Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Silk Rug, Royal Blue Color Rug, size 5.1x7, main image

5×7 Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Silk Rug, Royal Blue Color Rug

$10,290.00 $5,145.00
Sale! Handmade Scenic Rug, Persian Tabriz Pheasant and Peacock Rug, size 5.2x7.3, main image

5×7 Tabriz Persian Rug, Bird Rug, Scenic Rug, Pheasant & Peacock Rug

$20,400.00 $10,200.00
Sale! Hand knotted Azimzadeh Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug, Unique Two-Of-A-Kind Rug, Size 5 x8.5, Main image

5×8 Tabriz Persian Rug, Azimzadeh Rug, Scenery Rug, Persian Carpet

$42,000.00 $21,000.00
Sale! Fish Design Rug, 5x8 Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Rug with Beige Color, main image

6×8 Tabriz Persian Rug, Persian Tabriz Wool Rug, Iranian Tabriz Rugs

$7,695.00 $3,847.50
Sale! Yusuf and Zulaikha Rug, Handmade Pictorial Persian Tabriz Rug, size 6.8x9.7, main image

7×10 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “Yusuf and Zulaikha” Iranian Tabriz Rug

$27,300.00 $13,650.00
Sale! Hand knotted Tree of life rug, Persian Tabriz rug, silk pile on silk foundation, multi color with birds, size 5x6.7, main image

Animal Motif Rug, Beautiful Rug, Tree of Life Rug, Persian Tabriz Silk Rug

$23,800.00 $11,900.00
Sale! Antique Vegetable Dyed Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug With Miriam Portrait, size 5.8x9.4, main image

Antique Persian Carpet | Antique Oriental Rugs for Sale | Tabriz Rug

$10,780.00 $5,375.00
Sale! Handmade Persian Tabriz rug, Beauty of Persia, Very Fine kurk & Silk on Silk Foundation, size 9.9x1.36, main image

Azimzadeh Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug, Masterpiece Bouquet of Roses Rug

$98,000.00 $49,000.00
Sale! Beautiful Handmade Pictorial Rug, Wall Hanging Persian Tabriz Rug, rug size 2.1x3.7

Beautiful Handmade Pictorial Rug, Wall Hanging Persian Tabriz Rug

$5,775.00 $2,875.50
Sale! Beautiful Rug, Rug Motifs, Hand Knotted Persian Rugs, Pictorial Rugs, main image, size 3.3x4.7

Beautiful Rug, Rug Motifs, Hand Knotted Persian Rugs, Pictorial Rugs

$6,650.00 $3,325.00