How To Choose A Wall Hanging Rug

Every person dreams of a beautifully designed home. Even if you’re planning not to go extravagant, as long as you can brilliantly bring together the artwork, furniture, floor, and walls in a space, it will look glorious. While decorating the living space, what most people find challenging is to match a rug with other embellishments of the room. 

Beautiful Wall Hanging Rug

Handmade Persian Tabriz wall hanging rug. Size 1.9x3.9
HR1- Pictorial Rug, Handmade Wall-Hanging Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug. Size 1.9×3.9


To elevate your room’s aesthetic appeal, we have shared a few smart tips on matching rugs to already present art. 

  • Bring spotlight to the room’s secondary color
    Take a good look at your room. Perhaps you have decorated the walls with some paintings and family photographs. Or there must be a beautiful centerpiece complimenting the surrounding decorative furniture. All these elements altogether must be creating a theme or some sort of color. If you believe the primary colors are making a bold impression, look for secondary colors on other central pieces of art. When choosing your rug, keep this secondary color in your mind. 
  • Choose a rug as an art piece on its own
    Many rugs come with unique designs, beautiful enough to be featured as brilliant pieces of art. Either find a rug that compliments different art pieces present in the room or work well in the space without other embellishments. You will find rugs that are more than just common shapes and patterns. Even some designs are compared more to paintings than floor coverings. 
  • Bring attention to the rug in the space
    Give a twist to the decoration by turning the rug into a central work of art. Find an intricate pictorial rug to make it the central art piece. If it’s truly remarkable, it will be an effective conversation starter. Rather than blending the rug into other art pieces, consider starting with the rug. Keep the wall hanging rug in your mind when selecting wall art for the room. 

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