Wall-Hanging Rug, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Handmade Persian Rug

$29,000.00 $17,400.00

Save: $11,600.00 (40%)

Iranian Tabriz Pictorial Rug. One of the most beautiful wall hanging portraits of Naser al-Din Shah. He was King of Persia from 1848 to 1896 during Qajar Dynasty. A magnificent work of art from Tabriz, Iran. This fine quality handmade Persian Tabriz rug is made of wool and silk on silk foundation. The rug size is 2.3×3.9. Price is unframed.

Origin: Persian Tabriz  

Size: 2.3×3.9 

Design: Naser al-Din Shah

Construction: Handmade

Main Material: Wool and silk

Foundation: Silk

Color: Multicolor



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