Green Rug and Green Area Rug

Handmade wool oriental rug, all-over floral design rug in green color. Size 9x12.
1262- A 9×12 green oriental rug, handmade wool oriental rug on sale in our Chicago oriental rug store.

Green has always been a popular color for traditional rugs. This is particularly true for antique Persian Tabriz rugs, which are known for their rarity and beauty. These rugs feature an intricate blend of colors, with green being a prominent one. During the 1950s, many Persian and Turkish rugs began to feature a blend of soft green and pastel colors, which added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the designs.

It is worth noting that in Islamic culture, green is considered a holy color. For many years, Persian rug designers refused to use green as the primary color in their rugs and instead opted to use it as an accent color to decorate the leaves, trees, and flowers. However, in recent times, green has become a popular choice for area rugs, and there has been a big demand for it. Green rugs and area rugs add a unique touch to any décor, and their versatile nature makes them an interesting choice for many different spaces.

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