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Kilim is a word of Turkish origin. It is used to denote a functional pileless rug that is made using a flat-weaving technique that is commonly practiced in several rug-making regions around the world, including parts of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia, China, North Africa, and more. Because these antique rugs are found in these different regions, the term ‘Kilim’ has varying spellings and pronunciations.

You will often spot Kilim rugs in Egyptian tomb paintings. You will also find references to this style of rug in Homer’s Iliad.
While some people classify Kilim rugs under the broad category of oriental rugs, you will find that they are truly in a class of their own. Flat-weaving is one of the oldest methods of rug production and has been in use much before the creation of hand-knotted oriental rugs. The major difference between Kilims and carpets or pile rugs lies in the fact that pile rugs are made by knotting short individual strands onto wefts, which are then held in place by pressing the wefts. Kilims, on the other hand, are made using simple interlocking strands of wool, animal hair, or fiber. Silk is rarely used. Their patterns are produced by the horizontal wefts that cover the vertical wefts, which also makes it difficult to create vertical linear separations of color. So, in Kilim rugs, you will often notice a stepped effect. Although Kilims boast a fine weave, weavers rely on making large-scale sharp patterns with stunning designs and colors. This is why geometric patterns are most associated with Kilim rugs designs even though there are floral Kilim rugs, too. You will find all-over patterns or imposing medallions that look like shields.

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Highly durable and decorative, Kilims are known for their multiple uses and versatility. If you thought you could only use them to cover your floors, you are wrong. Since they have a thinner, more flexible structure, they can be used as wall hangings, bed covers, table covers, and more. They can also be used as a bench or sofa coverings. Nowadays, you will also find Kilim pillows.
Kilims are a great choice of wall art as they add color and warmth to the space. If you have a bare wall in your house that needs dressing up, you can simply hang a Kilim and call it a day.
Turkish Kilims are some of the most popular but the US has seen the growing popularity of various other Kilims, too, including Persian and Caucasian Kilim rugs.
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