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Kilim often spelled and pronounced differently in different rug weaving regions and is known as flat weave rug or reversible rug, kilim rugs are made in many different regions such as the Middle East, Europe, and central Asia. It is also commonly woven by nomadic tribes with great quality handspun wool in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, and Russia. Village made kilims often represent geometric motifs and city made kilims use geometric and other abstract floral patterns with vegetable dye or aniline dye. These handmade flat-woven Arts can be used as a saddle bag, tablecloth, dining room tablecloth, living room rug, kitchen rug, bedroom rug, hallway runner rug as wall hanging rug or anyplace else you like to. Soumak or Sumak kilims are generally woven somewhat thicker and heavier compare to the other kilims. Navajo rug weaving is another example of flat weave rug which is used similar technique as other flat weave rugs. Some of the most popular kilim rugs in the United States are Pakistan kilim, Chinese kilim, Turkish kilim, Afghan kilim, Persian kilim, and Caucasian kilim. Shahsavan kilim, Azerbaijan kilim, Turkish Anatolian kilim, Bessarabian Kilim, Iranian kilim or Persian kilim and Russian kilims are among the most valuable and desired kilim style rugs.