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If you are looking for rugs but are tired of the same old designs you see everywhere, oriental rugs like Shiraz-style rugs might be a perfect choice for you.

Oriental rugs have been a symbol of status and wealth for hundreds of years. Today, they are widely treasured by homeowners and rug collectors, alike, due to their exquisite designs and unmatched durability.

They can instantly add real elegance to any space while their hand-dyed and hand-knotted character makes them stand out from the modern machine-made rugs. With a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns available, you can easily find a rug that matches your taste, needs, and home decor theme. Although oriental rugs fall on the expensive side, especially when compared to other popular rugs, they are a great investment because they are designed to last a lifetime. A rug you buy now can be handed down through generations and transformed into a precious heirloom piece.

At Beautiful Rugs, discover a selection of Shiraz-style rugs that are characterized by their geometrical styles and use of strong red and brown dyes. These rugs can be easily distinguished from other oriental rugs, which makes them ideal for homeowners who like their living spaces to be a unique representation of themselves.

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Shiraz rugs originate from Shiraz, a city with a rich history that can be traced back to the neolithic times. Shiraz was a center of art and culture and the capital of Zand Persia. Today, Shiraz is one of the most important trading hubs in the province of Fars in southwest Iran. Shiraz rugs are produced in villages in and around this city. They are handwoven by tribal weavers on fixed looms that are made at their homes. These geometric rugs are the only type of Persian rugs that feature nightingales, a symbol of happiness and contentment.

Shiraz rugs come from a mixed origin. When they were first made, they drew on the culture and tradition of the weavers. The Qashqai tribe was one of the largest groups that settled in the city. Then there were groups formerly in the Khamseh Confederation, Afshar, Lori, Bakhtiari, as well as Baluch. As these tribes assimilated into the Persian society, they continued to make rugs with their own distinct weaving style, which resulted in a mixed variety of styles in the rugs that originated from Shiraz.

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