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Are you looking for a rug to add an upscale appeal to your home or office? Moroccan rugs are just what you need.

In recent years, Moroccan rugs have witnessed burgeoning popularity, gracing homes and other spaces with their plush textures and unique geometric patterns. But when you think of Moroccan rugs, the image that comes to your mind is one among the many types of rugs that fall under this umbrella.

One of the most popular designs is that of the Rabat rugs, which feature tribal designs and Persian influences and are widely different from city or urban rugs. These rugs find their origins among the nomadic Amazigh – also known as Berber – tribesmen in Northwestern Africa, especially Morocco.

Moroccan rugs are most famous for their use of vibrant colors and bold geometric designs. Each rug carries with itself a slice of history and culture and is an heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations.

At Beautiful Rugs, we are proud to present an extensive and unique selection of Moroccan rugs. Whether you are looking for a rug to add warmth to your living space or incorporate more texture, here you can choose from a myriad of rugs in different colors, patterns, and sizes.

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Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were made and used solely for utilitarian purposes like bedding and floor coverings but gradually, they started to find favor as a luxury decor element. They were often used in sacred places as well as palaces. Eastern tribes like the Beni Ourain began weaving Beni rugs – another type of Moroccan rug – and gifted them to high-class families. They used wool from Atlas Mountain sheep, which resulted in rugs that were soft, warm, and thick.

Here are a few types of Moroccan rugs:

  • Azilal rugs: Handwoven by Berber women in the central Moroccan province of Azilal, these rugs are characterized by their heavy pile, geometric shapes, and use of wool colored with vegetable dyes.
  • Beni rugs: Beni rugs or Beni Ourain rugs are made from sheepskin wool and are traditionally available in cream color. These rugs are popular due to their classic and minimalist look.
  • Kilim rugs: Although Kilim rugs are associated with Turkish rugs, Morocco also produces some beautiful Kilims. They are more affordable than the other varieties.

Although Moroccan rugs do not have a very long history, they are a “rug of choice” for many around the world. Most notable for their patterns and modernist designs, they can be used in all kinds of home designs.

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Sale! Brown Rug, Moroccan Rug, Contemporary Fluffy Rug, main image, size 9x11.9

Moroccan Rug, 9×12 Rug, Contemporary Style Rug

$3,960.00 $2,376.00

Save: $1,584.00 (40%)

Sale! Brown Rug, Moroccan Rug, Contemporary Fluffy Rug, main image, size 9x11.9

Brown Rug, Moroccan Rug, Contemporary Fluffy Rug

$3,960.00 $2,376.00

Save: $1,584.00 (40%)