Birjand Rugs, Persian Birjand and Dorokhsh Rugs

Birjand is a city in eastern Iran located in the mountainous Qainat region in the center of South Khorasan Province. Dorokhsh (or Doruksh, Dorukksh, Duruksh) is a small town northeast of Birjand. Floral designs with medallions predominate in rugs from Birjand and Korokhsh.

Old Persian Birjand Dorokhsh rug. Floral allover design Persian rug, multi color with navy blue background. Size 10x13.4.
2358- Persian Dorokhsh Birjand Rug, Old Persian Rug, Allover Design Rug. Size 10×13.4.

Production in Birjand increased with larger workshops established there in the twentieth century. Birjand and Dorokhsh rugs are known for their tight weave and jufti knot, which is tied over three or more warps instead of the more common use of two warps. These knots are used in solid areas of the rug’s color, so the outlines of these areas will be denser than the areas they border. Thus, the outlines can be felt by feeling these areas by hand.
Beautiful Rugs has a Birjand-Dorokhsh handmade Persian rug in stock (catalog number 358). This 100% soft wool pile on a cotton foundation old rug in excellent condition has deep navy blue in its background or field on which an allover arabesque floral pattern of yellow, deep red, and light blue florets (stylized, symmetrical images of a flower blossom depicted from an overhead perspective) alternate. The floral tendrils are ivory white and include stylized dark green and light red lanceolate (or sickle) leaves that are serrated, narrow, and taper at the end to a point. The main border features a split leaf arabesque border with a Shah Abbasi motif: a symmetrical palmette with two florets rather than sprays at its apex. The lustrous gloss of the bright floral allover pattern on this handmade rug from Birjand and Dorokhsh handmade rug will enhance any room in your home.

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