Josheghan Rugs And Carpets - Persian Josheghan Rug - Beautiful Rugs

Josheghan, located in Isfahan province, is a town in north central Iran, and the center for an area that has a long history of rug making in the surrounding villages and towns. Until the 18th century it served as a trading center on the northern trade route between the towns of Kashan an Isfahan.

 Joshegan rugs often feature a central diamond medallion on a deep red field with geometric floral designs, and their designs share many similarities with Hamadan rugs. Some rugs repeat the diamond and make it part of the overall design; for example, enclosing one diamond pattern within another, or creating diamond patterns of lighter or darker color around the central diamond, or creating an overall pattern of diamonds. An added plain cotton fringe is common on Joshegan rugs.

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