Karajeh Rugs And Vintage Persian Rugs - Beautiful Rugs

Karajeh (also Karadja, Karaja, Qarajeh) rugs are made in villages located in the mountainous, northwest Azerbaijan area of Iran. They are distinguished by their geometrical patterns that often repeat the central medallion, often a large diamond, hexagon, or star pattern that is repeated several times in either vibrant warm colors or softer earth colors.

The hexagonal medallion in Karajeh rugs can also have a very distinctive hooked elements that are outlined along its edges. Allover patterns of the rugs feature medallion designs repeated. In some Karajeh rugs a bright ivory outline of the medallion provides a striking and every eye catching contrast on a red on a dark blue and/or deep or dark red field. Some contemporary Karajeh rugs simplify and limit the intricacy of the rug’s design elements, and a few rugs do not follow the expected symmetry and mirroring effect of the design elements that is expected in traditional handmade Persian rugs: one of the design elements, like the medallion, for example, appears as a diamond and a hexagon. Notably, the treatment of the border area of Karajeh rugs is distinctive: with repeated medallions or with a series of diagonal stripes.

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