Yazd Rugs, Antique Persian Rugs and Carpets by Beautiful Rugs

Yazd a city located in central Iran in a desert region long known since the 16th-century for its production of textiles and rugs and for its remarkable irrigation system that supplied water to the city from the nearby mountains, as well as wind towers to keep the water cool.

The city also served as a refuge for Zoroastrians, a small number of whom still practice their faith. Designs with a central circular or diamond medallion are common with a very fine and intricate floral designs in the field in color schemes that can be quite bold and intense, or soft and subdued. Allover lattice designs with repeating elements are also common.

Beautiful Rugs has a very large area antique Persian Yazd rug (756) available with a very intricate complex floral design that uses a wide range of colors. It has a central medallion, a small rosette at its center with an octagram, or eight point star around it and uses a brighter yellow that make it more distinct in the rugs floral patterns. This star shape has eight palmettes, a motif based on a stylized lotus flower with its leaves outspread that radiate from its central circular blossom, and between each lotus facing outward, there are eight stylized lotuses facing towards the blossom, which create a very intricate example of the Shah Abbassi motif. More stylized lotuses fill the field around the medallion in very intricate and dense arabesque patterns that includes botehs and florets and serrated leaves. In the main border shah abbasi motifs within a sphere that makes them distinct and easy to see alternate with stylized roses.

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