Senneh Rug, Antique Vegetable Dye Carpets, Persian Rug

Senneh rugs are made in villages and towns of the mountainous northeast province of Kurdistan province of Iran, as well as its capital city Sanandaj which has become a regional rug weaving production center. Kurdish is spoken by the mainly Kurdish population of this area.

Kurds wear their distinctive clothing: baggy pants for men, colorful dresses for women. A distinctive village rug made in this region is referred to as the Koliai rug: it features a pattern with bold, large geometrical forms on its field. Senneh rugs with a medallion and an intricate allover pattern using boteh (or paisley) and herati motif (a rosette enclosed in a diamond with a decorative serrated leaf on each of the four sides) elements are also common. Predominant colors include dark red, cherry red, navy blue and brown for the field and yellow and ivory for the motifs. The wool yarn used in Senneh rugs is often very fine and can be spun very tightly.

Beautiful Rugs has a Persian Senneh (294) handmade rug made from fine kurk that has been vegetable dyed with a large allover pattern of four horizontal rows, each of which shows three large red roses with white and light red highlights, with leaves and smaller rosettes, all of which mostly cover the black field. The main border repeats the rose images, but these roses are aligned vertically with a yellow background, and pairs of birds appear perched in intervals on the rose tendrils. The narrower or subsidiary borders repeat the rose image. This elegant floral pattern rug will enhance any room in your home.

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