Tehran Rugs, Antique Persian Tehran Carpet by Beautiful Rugs Chicago

Tehran located in north central Iran and is its capital and largest city where rug production occurred on a small scale and then increased significantly at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now home to a large and important Persian rug market.

The vase and millefleur designs around a central medallion are commonly found on antique Tehran rugs, as are allover patterns with softer and muted colors. The vase design rug features a field full of flowers in which the vase is a part of the design from the flowers spring. Some of these rugs can be unusual, because they can only properly viewed from one direction: the base or ground on which the vase stands. Modern Tehran rugs are noted for their large size, high quality wool and fine weave which allows for very detailed and complex patterns to be woven. Such rugs can be quite expensive, taking into the account the length of time taken to weave them and the skill needed to do so. In modern rugs from Tehran carefully detailed pictorial scenes with a garden of paradise, floral patterns, a tree of life, birds and animals in the main field or inset into medallions are also common. Several important weavers and designers from the early 20th-century are Farschi and Hadj Muhammad Djafar.

Beautiful Rugs has a very fine, Persian, antique rug (750) available that features a variety of flowers: each of the seven horizontal rows on a yellow field includes different types of stylized flowers, including roses, no two which are alike, and birds near or on the flowers. The top two rows feature slightly smaller flowers, and all the rows are not quite level. The main border has a darker brown field and an arabesque pattern of alternating stylized shah abbasi lotus flowers and roses. This fine Persian rug is certain to capture the imagination and interest of any guest in your home.

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