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Lavar Kerman (also known as Laver, Raver, Raver) rugs are made in and around the area of the town of Ravar (or Lavar), which is just north of Kerman, and this small town has a quite a big reputation surprising despite its small size for its high quality handmade Persian rugs.

These rugs share some similarities with rugs identified as Kerman in their frequent reliance on very dense and intricate designs that cover most of the rug. Some Lavar Kerman rugs feature a vase, tree of life, or a narrative that includes figures and alludes to a significant historical event. The millefleur design, which means many flowers, is common also in these rugs, and it is a design with many flower blossoms. The complex and intricate stylized flower designs may densely cover the rug in an allover pattern or in arabesque patterns with stylized floral motifs and leaves arranged around a central medallion. Mina khani patterns, or an allover pattern that is made of two or more flower blossoms interconnected in a diamond lattice are also common in these rugs. Like the Kerman rugs, the Lavar Kerman rugs are very high quality on account of their very high knot density and thus are among the most expensive Persian rugs. It needs to be noted that Ravar or Lavar has become a trade name and rugs may not originate from the village of that name but from neighboring areas who have adapted designs used in Lavar Kerman rugs, most notably the city of Rafsanjan.

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