Persian Yalameh Rugs
The term Yalameh is used to describe the colorful Persian village rugs woven in Southern Iran. Today, they are primarily made by weavers in and around the village of Aliabad in the province of Fars. They are usually hand-woven with wool on a cotton foundation, but you can also find some rugs with wool foundations. They have short piles and are woven with Turkish knots.

Yalameh Rug, Persian Yalameh Rug, Wool Tribal Rug. Size 5.5x8.8
2613- Yalameh Rug, Persian Yalameh Rug, Wool Tribal Rug

Although Yalameh rugs are similar in design to Shiraz, Qashqai, and Khamseh rugs, they feature a much brighter palette than most Persian rugs. The use of dark red or light brown on a blue or orange background is most common. These rugs are especially distinguished by the unique latch-hooked diamond medallions, which are arranged in a single vertical row. You will also find geometrical human or animal prints scattered across the field.
If you are looking for rugs that complement your modern or minimalist home designs, Yalameh rugs are a great choice. With their vivid colors and striking patterns, they can effortlessly add luxury, style, and warmth to your living space. They are also a perfect choice for homes with bohemian and tribal designs and interiors that feature extensive woodwork.
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Yalameh rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and prices, which means you can easily find one that suits your taste and budget. At Beautiful Rugs, we offer Yalameh rugs that feature traditional patterns, which set them apart from other Persian and oriental rugs. They are genuine pieces of art that can add to your home’s elegance and charm.
Whether you have a grand hallway that needs decorating or a bedroom that needs an accent piece, Yalameh rugs are just what you need. They are ideal for complementing your antiques and hardwood flooring.
Yalemeh rugs, like other Persian rugs, are an investment piece, especially when they are handmade. They are made to be durable and hard-wearing, which means they can become heirloom pieces that you can pass down to your children for them to cherish for generations to come. Because of their exquisite and luxurious nature, their value is also likely to increase with time. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about them going out of style because they are a timeless piece of decor that will endure forever.
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