Ziegler Rugs, Ziegler Carpets at Beautiful Rugs

Ziegler and Company was a German producer and distributor of Persian rugs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries based in Manchester that set up rug workshops in Tabriz and Arak.

With the Western consumer in mind, this company modified the traditional designs of Persian rugs, limiting the profusion and intricacy of designs. Also, allover floral and arabesque patterns and the use of subdued and/or fewer color combinations are common in these rugs. The process of stone washing has been used on some of these rugs: they are left in the sunlight for several days which softens their color intensity. Antique Ziegler rugs are highly valued and sought out by collectors. Rugs with ivory or light brown fields without a central medallion were also made often. Though the company no longer exists, rug styles it introduced are still being produced and identified as Ziegler.

Beautiful Rugs has several Ziegler rugs available, and one large area Ziegler made in Pakistan with a traditional design reveals its Ziegler style with its limited selection of colors from a warm red, a bright yellow and a light brown, large, readily discerned floral pattern in the red field with a small central diamond with highly stylized circular florets, shah abbasi lotuses, and large serrated leaves. Seven pairs of alternating large rosettes form a vertical row in the center of the rug, which is its most visually dominant design aspect. The main and wide border has bright yellow ground and arabesque patterns. This rug will make a warm and welcoming pleasant impression in any home in your room and to your guests.

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