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Interior décor rugs serve both a decorative and functional purpose and Persian rugs, with their variety of patterns and colors, serve not only a decorative role as wonderful works of art with their variety of color and design patterns but are also handmade from wool; they are very practical.

Modern area rug, designer modern area rug in earth tones and gray colors. Size 9x12.2.
7451- Handmade designer modern area rug in earth tones and gray colors for living room and bedroom. Size 9×12.2.

Wool is durable, and a tightly woven by-hand rug proves quite long-lasting, which a family can keep using for several generations. The wool rug also protects wooden floors from furniture and keeps them warm for your feet. A large area rug up to ten by fourteen feet (or a more average size of five by eight feet) serves as a central and unifying design element of a room around which furniture can be arranged.

Like art on walls, interior décor rugs on the floor can also serve as a conversation piece. They are, in fact, original and distinctive works of art that add a special personality and atmosphere to a room because they are unique and not mass-produced. Runner rugs that are designed for hallways are also practical and decorative. When decorating with two or more rugs, two characteristics, whether color, design, or texture, of the rugs should be common. Thus, a curvilinear design rug should not be combined with a rectilinear design rug.

Beautiful Rugs offers a very wide range of rugs to choose from, including traditional Persian rugs, whether antique, old, or new, a selection of transitional and contemporary rugs, and wall rugs, which can be hung like paintings. See our catalog of rugs online on our website, or better yet, visit our store so that you may see our rugs in person.

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