Mazlaghan carpets are traditionally made in the Zanjan area of northern Iran. The nomadic Persian tribes in the north weave these magnificent pieces of antique carpets. These beautiful oriental rugs are commonly adorned with bold, vibrant colors and have proven to be of exceptional quality and durability. Mazleghan Rugs embody some of the most magnificent floral patterns that make the room’s ambiance highly enticing. These rugs have an exemplary appeal that gives them a niche liking in the rug category.

The sharp and exquisite designs in the center of these antique Persian rugs give them an aggressive appearance. These Persian carpets are the best way to add remarkable flair and luxury to any place. Mazleghan Rugs are perfect if your doors and furnishings have elaborate molding patterns. They will win your heart if you enjoy the ancient feel of designs. These beautiful rugs instantly take you to the pre-Persian age and heighten the feeling of Arabian luxury.

We at Beautiful Rugs provide the best antique and semi-antique, fine-quality Persian rugs with mesmerizing geometric patterns, intricate designs, and vibrant colors. Our antique carpets retain the essence of marvelous Persian art and are the best choice to buy Persian rugs online in Chicago. The moment you unfold these magnificent carpets at your place, they will take you back to the ancient Persian era and make your experience of Persian luxury.

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