History Of Mazlaghan Rugs and Their Use In Modern Decor

Mazlaghan carpets are traditionally made in the Zanjan area and the surrounding regions of northern Iran. The nomadic Persian tribes in the north weave these magnificent pieces of antique rugs.

Mazleghan Rug, Semi Antique Persian Tribal Rug. Size 4.5x6.6
2340- Mazleghan Rug, Semi Antique Persian Tribal Rug

A Brief History of Mazleghan Rugs and the Region: 

Markazi Province is located in central Iran. The province’s present boundaries date back to 1977, when it was divided into the current Markazi and Tehran regions, with territories acquired by Isfahan, Zanjan, and Semnan provinces.

Moreover, Iran’s northern region, which encompasses the provinces of Zanjan, Gilan, and Mazandaran, has a rich historical background of rug making. These nomads and semi-nomads are believed to have some traits of Turkish and Kurdish influences, but they are predominantly of Persian lineage.

Since the 13th century, this region has been primarily dominated by Turkish and Mongol tribes, which is believed to have occurred primarily after the famous Chengis Khan-led Mongolian invasion. Kurdish people are more considerable in the province of Zanjan than Persian nomads are in Gilan.

More than 3000 years of rug weaving legacy: 

The exceptionally gifted artisans of the region are credited with over 3000 years of profound carpet weaving history. They have historically been nomadic, and virtually all women and most men have an incredible talent for rug weaving.

In many circumstances, the family’s immediate source of livelihood comes from carpet making. Even under the most challenging occasions, several Iranian provinces persisted in weaving carpets, leaving no stone unturned to preserve this exquisite craft.

Mazlaghan weavings range in quality from standard to premium. Many Mazlaghan weavers continued to use traditional open-field designs until the late twentieth century, albeit with more design elements in the backdrop. Some weavers abandoned their conventional methods in response to demand from both local and foreign buyers, producing rugs and carpets identical to those made in neighboring regions.

Material and Knots: 

As mentioned earlier, the tribal population of the northern part of Iran has a rich history of crafting flawless pieces of rugs that are highly durable. These magnificent rugs were usually made of locally produced wool piles while keeping the base material as cotton or goat hair.

One factor that segregated the Mazlaghan carpets from others is the asymmetrical knot against the symmetrical Turkish double knot. The Persian knot is always considered finer and more appealing by many. However, with technological advancement and demands, a variety of knots are used to make such antique carpets. These rugs are usually dense but soft and are made with delicate precision.

Designs and Patterns:

These lovely oriental carpets are frequently embellished with brilliant colors and have proven to be of excellent quality and longevity. Mazleghan Rugs include some of the most exquisite flower patterns, which enhance the mood of the space. These carpets have an exceptional appeal, earning them a unique following in the rug sector.

These antique Persian rugs have an aggressive aspect because of the crisp and elegant motifs in the center. They are the best way to add remarkable flair and luxury to any place. Mazleghan Rugs are perfect if your doors and furnishings have elaborate molding patterns. These beautiful rugs instantly take you to the pre-Persian age and heighten the feeling of Arabian luxury.

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