Farahan Rugs - Antique Persian Rugs - Sarouk Ferahan Rugs

Farahan (or Feraghan, Ferahan) is an area of western Iran north of the city of Arak where the handmade Persian rugs are also identified as Sarouk Farahan. Rugs from this plains area are known for their allover patterns, and Beautiful Rugs has an antique, handmade Persian Farahan in stock (catalog number 590).

An allover pattern is a common design in traditional handmade Persian rugs in which the rug field (area within its main borders) features one or two or several repeating floral and/or geometric elements. The large and very long rectangular Farahan handmade rug (seventeen and one-half feet by seven feet) available at Beautiful Rugs has an allover mina khani pattern with several different types of stylized with varying bright red, yellow, brown tinted florets that alternate in a diamond lattice network. One of these florets (a stylized overhead perspective of a flower blossom) is a distinctive shah abbasi floret: a palmette with a bright yellow and red layer of outer petals.
Hexagonal Medallions
Initially, it may be difficult to discern, but this handmade Farahan rug features a large and long elongated hexagonal medallion, whose pendant is a geometric arrowhead with a floret at its tip rather than a more common curvilinear teardrop. This medallion’s intricate, dense allover mina khani pattern has slightly more muted colors than the allover pattern in the field around it, and its floret designs also differ from the surrounding field, so this creates a slight contrast in patterns. This medallion is enclosed within another elongated hexagon with spandrels or corner triangular areas that are filled with allover patterns that slightly differs in design and color than those within the medallion and outside it. Each of these three pattern areas may be initially difficult to discern, but become evident on more careful viewing of the handmade Farahan rug.
Floret Patterns
A split leaf floret pattern with a bright red field serves as the main border pattern of this rug, and its two minor narrow borders with an alternating black and red floret in a white field serve as its most contrasting and distinct element. The very intricate and dense lattice network of this handmade Farahan Persian rug with its subtle shifts in its allover design and color of florets will make a subtle, yet strong impression in your home.

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