Veramin Rugs, Veramin Carpets Origin and Description Guide by Beautiful Rugs

Veramin is a city in north central Iran south of Tehran, and the name of a province and area where rug manufacture has had a long and famous history. Bright vibrant red, yellow colors in a lattice like structure of rows are common in Veramin rugs. Motifs such as mina khani with a palmette enclosed within a circular vine and eight stylized flowers, or a rosette enclosed within a circle or diamond are repeated throughout the rug. Veramin rugs can also feature a much softer in color palette, so the vibrancy and level of activity of the patterns is subdued. The border in such rugs typically provides a strong contrast to the central field by using a contrasting color and value.

Beautiful Rugs has available an old Persian Veramin handmade area rug (216) with a mina khani overall pattern with bright yellow circular florets placed at the corners of rounded diamond that alternates with circles. There is a highly stylized circular floret within each of the rounded diamonds, while the circles contain two types of alternating stylized flowers, one of which has a small bird. The main border with a deep red ground has a pattern of more highly stylized flowers that provide a provide a contrast to the brighter and more naturally represented field. The five subsidiary borders feature tiny florets.

Another old Persian Veramin rug (780) available at Beautiful Rugs is a long area rug that also has a mina khani overall pattern with rows of repeating highly stylized florets. It has a dark black field on which rich red and brown florets predominate, as well as small small white florets placed within the field of each interconnected diamond.

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