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Malayer (or Malyer) rugs are made Hamadan province in the semi-arid western region of Iran and in and around the city of Malayer. Malayer rugs have a geometric medallion, and they draw on a variety of patterns and designs, such as the boteh, a tear drop shape with a curved upper end (also known as a paisley) and the herati, a stylized flowerhead within a diamond that includes curled or crescent shaped, serrated leaves on its four sides.

 These patterns may appear in an allover manner with the boteh turned in opposite directions in every other row, or the same direction. Or rows of botehs may placed inside a large central medallion that extends to the borders of the rug; or several small botehs can be placed inside a larger boteh that is arranged in rows. The fusion of traditional rug patterns and motifs presented in an inventive and unexpected manner by modern weavers characterizes many Malayer rugs.

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