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Heriz (or Herriz, Herez, Heris, Haris) rugs are Persian rugs from the Heris area, East Azerbaijan province in northwest Iran, northeast of Tabriz. Heris is the city that gave its name to Heriz rugs, and it is an important, well-known historic rug weaving center.

The copper deposit in the nearby Mount Sabalan leaves traces in the water that sheep in the area drink; as a result, the wool from these sheep used to weave Heriz rugs is regarded as especially high quality, tough and durable. The mineral water from the slopes of Mount Sabalan also attracts many tourists who believe in its healing properties. Many long-lasting Heriz rugs from the 19th century are still available and offered for sale by American and European auction houses. Other important towns and villages known for their rugs in the region include Afshar, Mehraban, Sarab, Bakhshaish, and Gorevan. Bold geometric patterns with bright primary colors characterize Heriz rugs that often feature a large medallion or multiple medallions with stylized flower and plant motifs.

Heriz Rugs for Sale

The tradition of Persian rug weaving can be traced back to more than 3,000 years ago, however, Heriz and Serapi rugs are much more recent. Heriz is probably one of the most popular Persian village rugs. Now, you may be wondering, “What are village rugs?” Village rugs are those rugs that feature more primitive designs on coarser weaves, in contrast to the finely knotted “city rugs” like Isfahan and Tabriz that contained stunning realistic representations of distinctive motifs, including trees, flowers, and plants. Artisans producing village rugs used abstracted reconstruction of these designs, which resulted in plants and flowers that were barely recognizable as such. Another plausible theory is that some of the motifs and designs on Heriz rugs were also inspired by talismanic tribal rugs that served as a medium of cultural and artistic expression for nomadic weavers and artisans. And unlike the latter, Heriz rugs were made primarily to be sold in the market. So, they usually incorporated and adapted designs that were popular in the American and European markets.

The uniqueness of Heriz rugs is found in their striking style and color. The signature element in any Heriz rug is the big medallion in the center with oversize centerpieces of pointed oak leaves and rich foliage, simultaneously creating a bold and captivating feel. You will find that antique Heriz rugs are similar in design to Serapi carpets, which were produced in the same district, and have a more spacious design. Heriz rugs that were woven in the last six decades, on the other hand, feature much denser designs. With their characteristic large motifs and a broad palette of warm colors, antique Heriz rugs are today some of the most sought-after Persian village rugs.

If you look at the history of Heriz rugs, you will find that it is quite interesting. Although they were specifically made for the western consumer, Heriz rugs weren’t always as prized as the more finely woven classical city rugs. They were considered the poor man’s Oriental rug – a simple floor covering that only had a mere utilitarian purpose. Now, the opposite is true. City rugs, with their intricate designs and ornate patterns, are thought to be too loud and busy. In contrast, the unadorned Heriz rugs are much more in demand as they are not too ostentatious and can be easily worked into any home design. They have those familiar linear patterns that appeal to those who appreciate traditional Persian rugs while the abstracted and expressive motifs are perfect for complementing the contemporary, minimalist homes in the city. Their rich, warm colors and incredible durability and strength also make them a great choice for corporate settings.

Heriz rugs were mostly produced by foreign carpet manufacturers for the foreign market, so they are much larger and wider than the regular Persian rugs. They are an amazing investment piece because of their artistic authenticity and enduring appeal and legacy.

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Beautiful Rugs has an old Persian Heriz handmade rug with a deep red central medallion with a rosette (a stylized, symmetrical image from overhead of a flower blossom) in its center. A floral chain encircles the rosette, which is embedded in an octagram, an eight-point star, with eight stylized flowers, four of which extend into the yellow rug field filled with a repeating pattern of stylized leaves in each quarter area of the field. The main ivory border with rosettes frames the field.

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