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Heriz (or Herriz, Herez, Heris, Haris) rugs are Persian rugs from the Heris area, East Azerbaijan province in northwest Iran, northeast of Tabriz. Heris is the city that gave its name to Herriz rugs, and it is an important, well-known historic rug weaving center. The copper deposit in the nearby Mount Sabalan leaves traces in the water that sheep in the area drink; as a result, the wool from these sheep used to weave Herriz rugs is regarded as especially high quality, tough and durable. The mineral water from the slopes of Mount Sabalan also attracts many tourists who believe in its healing properties. Many long-lasting Heriz rugs from the 19th century are still available and offered for sale by American and European auction houses. Other important towns and villages known for their rugs in the region include Afshar, Mehraban, Sarab, Bakhshaish and Gorevan. Bold geometric patterns with bright primary colors characterize Heriz rugs that often feature a large medallion or multiple medallions with stylized flower and plant motifs.

Beautiful Rugs has an old Persian Heriz handmade rug with a deep red central medallion with a rosette (a stylized, symmetrical image from overhead of a flower blossom) in its center. A floral chain encircles the rosette which is embedded in an octagram, an eight point star, with eight stylized flowers, four of which extend into the yellow rug field filled with a repeating pattern of stylized leaves in each quarter area of the field. The main ivory border with rosettes frames the field.