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Baluchi (or Baluch, Beloudge, Beluchi) rugs were originally made by the Baluch nomads who lived in an area that encompasses southeast Iran, southern Afghanistan and southwest Pakistan. (Baluchistan, the land of Baloch, is a province of Pakistan.) Mashad in Iran and Herat in Afghanistan serve as sale centers for these rugs.

In these rugs geometrical forms (squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons) identified as a gul motif are often repeated vertically or horizontally. Or an allover pattern with one geometric form is made throughout the rug. Ivory, yellow, white usually rectilinear patterns are made on dark red, dark blue, purple or black fields, and white is used in the border designs and highlights for elements in the field of the rug. Stylized animal and human figures appear in the Herat rugs. Many of these rugs are smaller in size and designed to serve as prayer rugs. Typically, Baluchi rugs are all wool, but some include camel and goat hair, especially in prayer rugs or rugs that feature a tree of life. Finally, a very distinctive element of Baluchi rugs ends are flatwoven strips.

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