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Semnan is a city in Senman province in north central Iran east of Tehran with an ancient history, a center of trade on the Silk Road and known for its ancient system of irrigation in the arid desert climate, as well as its textile and rug production.

Semnan rugs come in a variety of patterns and designs, most often featuring a central medallion, though allover designs and pictorial scene can also be found on these rugs. Senman rugs with deep red fields with navy blue, ivory white and yellow floral patterns are common, as are with softer yellow, ivory white and beige patterns around a central circular or star medallion.

Beautiful Rugs has an Old Persian Semnan rug (182) available with a large central pointed oval with a white field whose main design element is a stylized tree of life with many florets, and the pendants are stylized bright yellow cypresses with red florets that are bordered by serrated white and light green leaves. The central medallion is within another oval form with indentations and a serrated leaf border (white on the inside, yellow on the outside) filled with floral elements, and the corners of the field are deep red with white a spherical form with a stylize flower within them are combined with a trefoil, which is outlined in light green serrated leaves. These corner elements that repeat the white from the central medallion, as does the field of the main border. A very narrow deep red border frames the entire rug. The intricate detail of this rug can intrigue the imagination or one can simply take in and enjoy its predominant main design forms and elements.

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