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When it comes to adding color and texture to a room, there is nothing quite like the beauty of a rug. Rugs are one of the best ways to transform any space, whether it is your home or office.

Caucasion Rug, Russian Shirvan Rug, Colorful Tribal Rug
2180- Caucasian Rug, Russian Shirvan Rug, Colorful Tribal Rug. Size 4.5×7.2.

Depending on the design or style you choose, a rug can speak volumes about your personality as well as that of the space. No matter if you are decorating your new home or redoing your current living space, a rug can have an incredible impact on the tone and aesthetic of your home.

Handmade rugs, such as Caucasian rugs and Russian rugs, are so much more special and alluring as their uniqueness and exclusivity add to their charm, which then permeates throughout the space. It is their subtle imperfections and one-of-a-kind patterns and motifs that make them exquisite works of art woven with stories of the artists and their region of origin. An epitome of fine craftsmanship and unmatched quality, the Caucasian and Russian rugs available at Beautiful Rugs are investment pieces that can become family heirlooms for you to pass down the generations.
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Discover Authentic Caucasian Rugs at the Best Prices
Caucasian rugs are one of the most popular styles, loved for their bold geometric and tribal designs in primary colors. These rugs get their name from the area in which they were originally made: the Caucasus. The Caucasus has been producing unique rugs since the 18th century. The antique Caucasian rugs were, however, made as rustic village pieces instead of fine, intricate city rugs.
Caucasian rugs are a class of their own in the world of antique Oriental rugs. Made by tribes’ people who wove them as an expression of their gratitude for the earth and the life that they were able to live, these rugs possess an individuality and a striking sense of boldness that you will not find anywhere else.
The Caucasus is a region that lies at the center of the rug-weaving region. Due to its proximity to the Silk Route, the weavers were immensely influenced by rug-making traditions from all around the region. Using small, portable looms, they were able to create their own sophisticated tribal rug-weaving tradition. They used designs of Chinese rugs, Egyptian rugs, Persian rugs, and so on and transformed them into simple yet eye-catching geometrical patterns that were fresh and more spontaneous.
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Elevate Your Home with Russian Rugs
Much like the Caucasus, Russia also has a rich rug-weaving tradition. Although the country is known for its vibrant culture and complicated history, not many know about its stunning rugs. Russians used rugs as not just decor pieces but also as furniture and insulation during the colder months. It was during the 1960s that carpets became an integral part of the Russian apartment living experience. Massive urbanization led millions of people to leave their rural homes and move into low-cost concrete-paneled buildings in the city. In Northern Russia and the Far East, wool carpets were hung on the walls to keep the apartments warm during winter. They also served to keep the rooms soundproof.
So, how did Russian rugs first come to be? In the 18th century, Russia had conquered much of the Asian continent, which resulted in them incorporating the weaving styles of the communities they met along the way. This is why you will find that Russian rugs have influences of Oriental rugs, Chinese rugs, Afghan rugs, and so much more. They are characterized by their use of deep colors and abstract floral patterns, which are borrowed from Oriental rugs, and repetitive patterns and gold tones, which were widely found in Asian weaving cultures during that period.
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Although Russian rugs might look much more humble than Persian or other Oriental rugs, they are far from being dull or boring. If you are looking for a way to cheer up your living space and inject color into any room in your house, Russian rugs are a great choice. They feature designs that include explosions of the brightest colors and animated patterns that are diverse and distinctive.
Caucasian and Russian rugs would look great, laid out on the floor, hung up on the wall, or even used as a covering on your dining table.
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