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Beautiful Rugs is a leading retailer of breathtaking rugs from legendary rug-making regions around the world, which include Iran, Nepal, India, Turkey, and Pakistan.

We have the finest selection of handmade rugs created using superior-quality materials like wool and silk that have been dyed using natural vegetable dyes. Our rugs speak of the tremendous skill of the artists and boast of a rich, centuries-old tradition. You can choose from a wide variety of rugs that include Persian, modern, tribal, contemporary and transitional styles, among others, each with its distinctive designs, patterns, and colors.

Experience Ethereal Beauty In Its Simplest Form With Our Northwest-style Rugs
Rugs from the Northwest area of Iran reflect a region that has seen many migrations, so these rug weavers have adopted different rug weaving traditions from neighboring Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Kurds, and many other groups from the Caucasus Mountain area. As a result, traditional curvilinear Persian patterns are combined with rectilinear ones in Northwest area rugs. The term “Northwest” is used to identify rugs that originate from this region, but whose production site or village remains unknown or unnamed. These rugs are also often identified as “tribal” in terms of their style of repeated geometric patterns that were in the past woven by memory without a sketch design to follow by the weaver. Some very distinctive Northwest rugs divide up the field of the rug into distinct geometric areas or blocks, or the central medallion or medallions have a distinct geometric outline. Designs for these rugs tend to be much simpler than traditional Persian rugs whose fields are full of complex floral patterns. Leaving more areas of the rug’s field open results the Northwest rugs’ medallions becoming much more central and visually striking elements.

Beautiful Rugs: The Best Place for Tribal Rugs In Chicago
Beautiful Rugs has a Persian Northwest design rug (5044) with a millefleur design with many stylized and geometric yellow and brown flower blossoms on a navy blue field. Three pairs of larger blossoms enclosed within a circle form a vertical axis along the center of the rug which constitutes its strongest visual element. The floral design is repeated on the left and right sides of the rug, and top and bottom, but the upper row of the rug constitute the fifth row the design, so it is not repeated exactly throughout the rug.

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