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If you are looking for a way to add luxury and warmth to your home, Kazak rugs are a perfect choice. Hand-knotted, colorful, and Caucasian, these rugs originate from the mountains of Central Asia and were originally woven with strands of gold and silver.

Handmade geometric style super Kazak wool rug in green color. Size 3x4.4.
7258- Green rug. Handmade geometric style rug, super Kazak wool rug. size 3×4.4.

Although a popular home decor item and heirloom piece now, Kazak rugs were once a symbol of wealth and status. They were not only found in palaces and homes of the elite but also in churches around the region. In addition to being used as floor coverings, they were used as wall hangings, placed on the throne, or kept at the feet of the king. So, if you want to embrace this opulence and exoticism in your home, Beautiful Rugs has an extensive collection of Kazak carpets for you to choose from, all available at affordable prices.
Kazak rugs are distinctive. You can easily identify them by their stunning aesthetic, rugged authenticity, and durability, as well as the use of vibrant, naturally dyed colors like red, green, and blue. They feature unique designs and motifs with tribal characteristics and geometric patterns. Some of the patterns commonly used in Kazak rugs are rosettes, medallions, diamonds, and crosses. You will also find representations of natural elements, like animals, trees, birds, and even humans. One of the most eye-catching qualities of Kazak rugs is the use of straight lines to create the patterns, which is a result of the hand-knotting.
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Oriental rugs, including Kazak rugs, are prized by collectors, rug connoisseurs, and homeowners alike. But they can often be seemingly expensive. Lucky for you, at Beautiful Rugs, we offer a collection of Kazak rugs at unmissable prices. So, if you had been held back from getting a rug for your home by the exorbitant prices, now’s the time to buy one.
Browse through our collection to take your pick from Kazak rugs in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a rug to hang on a wall or cover the living room floor, here you will surely find something you love at a discount!

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