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Handmade Persian Tabriz rug, unique floral design with teal green and rose colors. Size 5.2x7.4.
2751- Handmade Persian rug, beautiful teal green wool and silk Persian Tabriz rug by Shirfar. Size 5.2×7.4.

Beautiful Rugs Chicago is thrilled to announce our gigantic Rug Sale in every rug style! Prepare to be dazzled as we unveil the most beautiful rugs with incredible discounts on a wide range of handmade rugs encompassing every category, size, and style. Our sale has something for everyone, whether you prefer the enduring elegance of Persian Rugs, the charm of Oriental Rug designs, or the contemporary appeal of transitional styles. We invite you to explore our rug store and online collection, where we showcase stunning rugs at unbeatable prices.

Discover the Rug Sale – Unbeatable Discounts on Every Rug Style

During our highly anticipated Rug Sale, prepare to be dazzled by the beauty of our rug collection with incredible discounts throughout every category of rugs. Discover a massive collection of fine Persian Rugs, celebrated for their timeless elegance and elaborate patterns.

Treat yourself to luxury with The Magnificent Collection, thoughtfully curated to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite materials.

Immerse yourself in tradition with our captivating range of Traditional Rugs that embrace classic motifs and ancient -old weaving techniques.

Enjoy the allure of the East with timeless Oriental Rugs, featuring vibrant colors and beautiful designs that reflect the artistic traditions of the Orient rug weaving culture.

For rug lovers seeking a modern touch, browse our Contemporary and Transitional Rugs that perfectly blend traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics.

Add a special focal point to your living space with our unique Pictorial and Wall-Hanging Rugs, featuring captivating images and scenes.

Finally, experience the allure of vintage with our collection of Old and Antique Rugs, each carrying its own story and adding a touch of class and value to your decor.

With such a variety of rug types available, our Rug Sale has something for everyone.

Find Incredible Savings on a Wide Range of Sizes.

Shop our Rug Sale and save while finding the perfect rug size for each room in your home. Our sales offer a vast selection of sizes to suit your needs, whether you’re after a small accent rug or a large room-sized one to anchor your space. Browse through our collection of rugs, which includes Small Rugs, Medium Rugs, Large Rugs, Oversized Rugs, and Odd-Sized Rug options, to find the best fit for your home’s living, dining, and sleeping spaces. Personalize your rugs for a perfect fit and enjoy incredible savings.

Get Discounts on Styles That Match Your Unique Taste.

Beautiful Rugs recognizes the significance of discovering a rug that genuinely mirrors your personal style. Enhance your home decor with the perfect rug, now available at remarkable discounts during our Rug Sale featuring a wide variety of styles. Infuse your space with personality while saving money during our sale, featuring traditional and modern styles, as well as bohemian and transitional options.

Choose from our extensive range of rug styles, including

Aubusson, Bakhtiari, Bakshaish, Baluchi, Bijar, Birjand, Bohemian, Caucasian, Contemporary, Farahan, Gabbeh, Hamadan, Herati, Heriz, Interior décor, Interior Designer, Isfahan, Joshegan, Karameh, Kashan, Kazak, Kerman, Khal Mohammadi, Khotan, Kilim, Last Supper, Lavar-Kerman, Mahal, Malayer, Mashad, Mazleghan, Meshkin, Modern, Moroccan, Mood or Moud, Nain, Northwest, Pazyryk, Qashqai, Qum, Sarouk, Semnan, Senneh, Serapi, Shiraz, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Tehran, Transitional, Turkish, Turkmen, Veramin, Yalameh, Yazd, Yusuf and Zulaikha and Ziegler.

With such an extensive selection, you can explore various design aesthetics, traditional motifs, and contemporary patterns to find the rug that perfectly complements your unique style and preferences. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your decor with exceptional rugs at discounted prices during our Rug Sale.

In-Store and Online Shopping – Convenience at Its Best

Shopping at Beautiful Rugs Chicago is convenient and flexible. Get a personalized experience at our Chicago Rug Store and find the perfect rug with the help of our knowledgeable staff. Comfortably explore our online collection, where you can access detailed product descriptions, browse through Discounted Rugs, and make secure purchases from the comfort of your home. We strive to make your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, accommodating your preferred method.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Beautiful Rugs Chicago is offering incredible discounts on a wide range of rugs that you won’t want to miss out on. Find the perfect rug to enhance your living spaces by exploring every category, size, and style available. Our Featured Rugs Sale is the ultimate opportunity to enhance your home’s aesthetic with beautiful rugs that suit your unique style, all at unbeatable prices and with a convenient shopping experience. To take advantage of these great deals, check out our online collection or visit our rug store. Enhance your decor with a stunning rug and personalize your space.


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