8×10 rug and 8×10 area rugs.

8×10 rugs are used in the most area of an apartment and home. The proportionate size of a rug to the size of the living space is very important and here is where the 8×10 size comes in the picture. 8×10 area rugs are widely used as a living room rug, family room rug, bedroom rug, dining room rug and more. Dining room rug sizes are chosen as rule by the number of dining set chairs. If the dining set is designed for 6 to 8 chairs, then an 8×10 rug size is definitely the right choice. If your dining set is antique or larger than normal, then you should consider a larger rug size like 9×12. It is important that all chairs always be on the rug. Large 2-bedroom apartments and average size 3-bedroom homes with average size living room are ideal for an 8×10 rug. It is also a great choice of size for the bedrooms with a queen-size bed.

8×10 rug sizes are made for the United States market and are referred as US rug size. Persian rugs are made according to metric sizes. They run slightly larger and fall in between 8×10 and 9×12 sizes. The range of Persian rugs within this category is from 8×11 and 8.5×11.5.

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