Medium size rugs and medium size area rugs. The advantage of the medium size rugs is the versality of it. The medium size rugs range 7×10, 8×10 and 9×12. The 7×10 rugs are excellent for a small to average size living room and dining rooms with up to six chairs. The most popular rug size within the medium size category is 8×10 with a high demand as a living room rug and dining room sets with up to eight chairs. 9×12 is a generous medium size rug for a open space living room or dining rooms of up to10 chairs. Bedroom rug sizes are determined by the size of the bed-set and your layout preferences. 7×10 and 8×10 rugs are designed for queen size bed set while 9×12 is a great fit for a king-size bed set.

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